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15th March 2024 – Meet Up

Our next meeting will be on Friday 15th March 2024 from 12-2pm at the Stags Head Pub, 68 Newport, Lincoln, […]



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I am Joanna and I was diagnosed with a grade 2 meningioma Brain Tumour in May 2011.

After 6 weeks recuperation I underwent 6 weeks Radiotherapy.  I understand the challenges and difficulties that both a diagnosis and treatment entail.

I am now delighted to be Treasurer of The Lincolnshire Brain Tumour Support Group and would be happy to discuss any aspect of my journey.

I look forward to welcoming you at one of our future meetings.


A bit about me

My name is Laura Pulletz and I live in Lincoln, with my partner and our two beautiful children Blake and Fearn

I have worked at Lincoln County Hospital for the last 6 years as a health care support worker on a surgical ward, but then I joined the Macmillan team in November 2021 working a long side the wonderful Julie Coventry who is the Neuro-oncology clinical nurse specialist at Lincoln Hospital.

My role is to help support our patients whilst undergoing their treatment at Lincoln County Hospital but these patients are from all over the County of Lincolnshire.

The support group is something I wanted to get involved with as soon as I started this role as I feel it is so important for our patients past and present to feel supported no what stage they are at, whether that be at the beginning of treatment or 5 years post treatment and knowing that support is always there for them no matter when they might need it, we can help with referrals to physiotherapy, OT, Macmillan nurses or volunteers, the Willow foundation which arranges special days for the whole family or groups such as the 5KYW to help keep patients as active as they can be.

I also love fundraising so if this is of interest to anyone else then please do get in contact and I would be happy to take part a long side you to help raise money for any charities close to your heart.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all at our support groups

Best wishes


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